CX Team

CX Team

We obey only one standard: The racing honour code. We are ladies and gentlemen who commit with our team, we behave like the ladies and gentlemen should and we engage with the non-written honour code that rules each and every race track all over the world.

Race Commitment

  1. We race for the sake of personal improvement.
  2. The final position at the end of the Race is not our objective, it is a reminder; of the work we have done till that very moment and the attitude we brought to the field.
  3. Smiling is a luxury, only reserved for the time before and after the race. In the meantime, we shall only push harder and pull stronger.
  4. If we see the camera pointing at us in the race track: we don’t look straight at! We should never spoil that beautiful moment we are so fiercefully fighting for.
  5. Always look awesome.

Made for racing

The Edelsten CX1 Disc Framseset was designed to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding riders in the most demanding conditions.

A perfectly balanced combination of lightness and stiffness serves the purpose of transferring all the power to the drivetrain while a carefully designed geometry allows an espectacular handling.

“This bike makes the most technically demanding course just plain sailing!”

Fact: Although we have put many efforts on its design, you still have to clean it all by yourself!