The Teixidó Siblings

The Teixidó Siblings

The Teixidó sisters – Brenda and Alan- are two young sport lovers. Two kids who love trail-running, triathlon and are passionate cyclists. We had the opportunity to join them on a tour, near their new home in the Montseny Mountains, a few kilometers away from Barcelona.

Brenda Teixidó – A Beast with Head

Brenda is this kind of rider who stays focused. A pretty surprising character when you are talking about a 12 years old young woman. While riding with her it is easy to notice that she is thinking ahead: she observes, calculates and executes.

Brenda rides an R1 Super Light Concord Edition size 48 with ultra light climbing wheels crafted by Edelsten and Shimano 105 11vel.

Alan Teixidó – A beast with heart

Alan is just a limitless amount of energy concentrated in the body of a 10 years old kid. He pushes hard and pulls harder. The kind of rider who stares at you and says: that´s all you got?

Alan rides a R1 Super Light Schwarz edition size 48 with Ultegra 11 vel.