Arber - Bavarian Forest

Arber - Bavarian Forest

The third day of celebration occurred in the Bavarian Forest. The day woke up beautifully -probably the sunniest day of May in Bayern – the Edelsten Crew was ready to roll, the Raw Cycling Mag guys were ready to rock and the lenses of Brazo de Hierro were anxious to start capturing moments.

That day was all about climbing, close to the city of Deggendorf and in the border with Czech Republic, there is the Grosser Arber. It is the highest peak of the Bavarian-Bohemian-mountain ridge, with an elevation of 1,455.5 metres. It actually belongs to the Bohemian Forest but still it is usually referred as the “King of the Bavarian Forest”. This are is one of Germany’s most famous skiing areas with many options for Alpine and Cross Country disciplines.

We knew the area very well but still there was many roads and options to discover.

Rolling down

The area is full of hidden roads connecting meadows and farm fields through dense forest sections.

The route started at the Ski resort of Sankt Englmar going down to the valley where the town of Viechtach is located. From there we climbed up to the Arber thorugh Bretterschachten.

Climbing up

“The climb to Bretterschachten starts really steep and runs long through a dense forest area.”


At the top the forest seems to clear up, the sun was shining hard and it was really hot. The bananas became a luxury item.

Rock & Roll

Once we reach the top at the Grosser Arber’s ski resort, we went all the way down searching for a place to have a pause. Two more climbs separated us from the starting point.
“The maximum speed registered was 89.8 km/h”

Rolling up

After a hard downhill a smooth but constant uphill was waiting again to break the group in pieces.

The End

Thanks everyone who attended the Edelsten Weekend, we hope you have at least half of the fun with had with you. Thanks to Raw Cycling Mag for bringing such a good mood in the group. Thanks to Brazo de Hierro Photography for the awesome work. Finally, thanks to the support Crew who helped us through the weekend.