Customize your bike

Customize your bike

Getting started

You probably have already spotted one bicycle model that you like and you are wondering “how can I build my own?”. At Edelsten Bikes we support you personally during all the customization process. We provide two main options to build a bicycle: Custom Pack Build and Full Custom Build. In both cases, the whole process will be supported by our staff, this process might take a little bit longer than an automatic check out webshop, but our business is to create a perfectly fitted race machine.

Custom Pack Build

Custom Pack is a careful pre-selection of components which allows you to create a perfectly balanced bike. If you are not experienced with all the details involved in creating a bicycle, we recommend you this option.

You still can customize the set up of the selected components for a perfect fit. For example, you can select the size of your stem and handlebar and/or the crankset length and its gearing.

Full Custom Build

If your are an advanced rider, you may love to build your bike totally from scratch, selecting component by component. If this is your choice, we provide you a selection of partner brands from which you can select from thousands of components and possibilities. If you know all the details of your desired race machine, this is your chance to build your dream.

Custom Painted Bike

To be totally yours you can also choose the color you like. We offer a various selection of extraordinary shades of colors on each model and design. Only € 390,- will be charged up for this service. If you need some inspiration how your custom painted frame could look like please have a look on our Facebook or Instagram  site. Here you may find some interesting color options.

This is how it works

On each bicycle model page we show you different building and color configurations available. If you want to go for a Custom Build, a Full Custom Build or even a Custom Painted Bike you just need to choose the model and edition you fancy at and send us your wishes. In any case we will take care for your request as soon as possible and get back to you within 48 hours.

Custom Build Program

Choose between many options to customize all the details and create your own bicycle.